Troglodyte – Horribly bad and serving Satan CD-R

Grade: 6/10
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Troglodyte – Horribly bad and serving Satan CD-R
Genre: Death metal
Origin: Canada
Released: 2004
Website: –
Label: –
Uploaded: 19.07.05

Hmm… I’m not really sure how to label this. And I’m not really sure if these guys are too serious about this – Here Come the OrcsBrutal Slaying of One Thousand Elven Children… Anyway… After a melodic war-drum intro we get thrown into death metal that really makes me think of Nile for the melodic parts. Though this is weird. Two vocalists, one growling and one screaming but neither of them in a death metal kind of way. It feels a lot like crust vocals. Then we have a couple of death metal tunes, and off to a Dystopia smelling sludge/hardcore song. And then it’s back to death metal again, hehe…
This is alright, but maybe not something I’d sign. Pretty cool choruses here and there, and some parts are really ripping stuff, mixing death metal with a touch of crust. It’s charming, but overall it’s not something I’d track down to get my hands on if they’d release anything new.

1. Dawn of the troglodyte
2. Unearthed arcana
3. Chaotic evil
4. Evil wizard
5. Here come the orcs
6. Brutal slaying of one thousand elven children
7. Evil from the graveyard
8. Eyekamiblud (burning in the belly of the mega demon)