Splitter – En sorglig historia

Grade: 7.5/10
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Splitter – En sorglig historia CD
Genre: Grindcore
Origin: Sweden
Released: 2006
Website: Splitter
Label: Obscene Productions 
Uploaded: 11.05.06

In all honesty I’m a little bit disappointed by this CD. I love the two older recordings by Splitter, and so I was expecting this to be even more ear-bleeding since it’s recorded in the renowned Studio Fredman (At The GatesOpethHauntedLord Belial etc etc). And I absolutely adore the thick and full sound that both Driller Killer and Wolfpack have experienced in the very same studio. But the sound on En Sorglig Historia bugs me… The vocals are too low in the mix, which doesn’t let the full brutality of Thalberg’s bone-shattering shrieks shine through. And the drums can sometimes just be a murky banging in the background.
But if we put the sound-issue aside this is a really great CD. Totally raging grindcore, varying from crusty bits to a full-on death metal slamming to just pure grinding. And we’re also served some guestvocals by Fredrik Wallenberg (Skitsystem) and Manne (Degrade), and especially the latter one adds a completely new dimension to the music. And as we all already know, Fredrik Thalberg possess one of the fiercest screaming known to mankind, so the album’s full of masterful vocals. Intricate riffing, adding both brutality and melody to the tunes, and a heavy-as-fuck wall of sound (although annoying, as explained earlier). We get socio-political lyrics in Swedish, but with English explanations to ‘em of course. But we can also find some seriously anguish filled lyrics here. Just take Situation Stockholm, kapitel 2, which describes the life of a cold and hungry human being, completely alone and absolutely set-aside from peoples conscience, left to rot in the subway. I’d like to think I’m pretty hardened from all political and gory lyrics, but this really affects me.
I’m a bit split here; don’t really know how to judge this… So freakin’ mind-blowing, but still a tad annoying when it comes to the sound… I’d advise you to check it out and take a listen and judge for yourself. The CD also contains Splitter’s old demo Stundens Chockerande Intryck as a bonus. I’ve already reviewed that one, so I won’t bother doing so once more, but instead I’d tell you to read the old review of it.

01. Krossad
02. Nersparkad (igen)
03. Haveri
04. Status
05. Välfärd/Likfärd
06. Tidsinställd kollaps
07. Situation Stockholm. Kapitel 2
08. Stackars generation
09. Landets blinda undergång
10. Tack och adjö
11. En plats för alla
12. När allt spårar ur
13. Illustrerad djävulskap
14. SS (Smarta Snubbar)
15. Vidriga skam
16. Uppdrag: Bakhåll
17. Slutet spelar roll
18. Den sista jakten