Splitter – Stundens chockerande intryck CD-R

Grade: 9/10
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Splitter – Stundens chockerande intryck CD-RGenre: Grindcore
Origin: Sweden
Released: 2004
Website: Splitter 
Label: –
Uploaded: 25.08.04

This young, and pretty much unknown, band surprised me, and actually knocked me off my feet. I had heard this name a couple of times before, and I was curious ’cause the band name sounds like a typical name for a grind band. And well, this sure is grind, but not just typical grind. It’s sort of grind with a crust/hardcore edge to it, sounds fairly similar to Nasum on the splits with Asterisk* and Skitsystem, which to me are some of Nasum‘s best.
Anyway, back to Splitter – The grind parts kicks your ass and leaves you bleeding in a pulp of your own vomits, excrements and entrails. Vicious, and oh-so-cool, screaming with a guttural feeling. It’s great drumming and cool riffs. And then the slow, groovy, parts sets in and you get back on your bloody stumps and start to bang your head relentlessly. It’s impossible to be still while listening to this demo, your most basic instincts tells you to trash your room.
I have to say there’s not a single bad note on this demo. The fast parts blow you away, the slow parts suck you back in as it’s so fuck’n groovy! Desperate and murderous vocals, lyrics all in Swedish – I just love it! If this is the way they write and execute music than it’s a wonder it’s not a fullength, ’cause the material is definitely strong enough!

1. När allt spårar ur
2. Illustrerad djävulskap
3. SS (Smarta Snubbar)
4. Vidriga skam
5. Uppdrag: Bakhåll
6. Slutet spelar roll
7. Den sista jakten