Semargl – Attack on god CD

Grade: 10/10
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Semargl – Attack on god CD
Genre: Black/death metal
Origin: Ukraine
Released: 2006
Website: Semargl 
Label: Deathgasm Records 
Uploaded: 30.03.06

There’s no possible way that I can review this album and do the opus justice with just words. It’s pure and simple a masterpiece! I can state that with ease, ‘cause I’ve never ever heard a black metal album with the same ferocious, raw and hateful approach.
The vocals vary from the most raging black metal screams you’ve ever heard to deep growling and grunting. It’s just bloody marvellous how extremely raw the vocals sound. And underneath the screaming we find pulverizing drumming grinding you to death, technical and chilling riffing varying from pure black metal to more blackened death metal. To add an atmosphere to this there’s the keyboard taking place to support the hateful metal with awesome melodies. Now don’t get me wrong here, this is not melodic! More like raw black metal, containing doses of death metal, and adding some atmosphere to it all by the help of the keyboard. An absolute masterpiece. I don’t know what else to say but to command you to buy the album and witness the absolute pain and hate that is Semargl.

01. Renunciation of god
02. Pure hatred
03. Technology of baphomet
04. God-crushing hammer
05. The falling
06. Jesus-insect
07. The sign of chosen names
08. A cut-up dream