Scaperoot – Think happy thoughts CD-R

Grade: 6.5/10
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Scaperoot – Think happy thoughts CD-R
Genre: Metalcore
Origin: Sweden
Released: 2006
Website: Scaperoot
Label: –
Uploaded: 30.03.06

The promo sheet here promises “heavy and melodic riffs, mangling drums and a combination of deep growling and hardcore screams”. Well, I can agree on some of it – but where the hell are the growls?
The demo opens with some heavy-as-shit riffing, really building up an expectation of a seriously ass kicking demo. Mnemic and Chimaira are two names that come to mind, which means metalcore. And that’s what this is – metalcore. And that’s not exactly my favourite genre, and to me a lot of bands sound alike. But Scaperoot proves to be worthy of noticing. This is only a demo, but they perform well by offering a full sound and production, tons of energy and great back ups. They’re definitely on to something, and after yet another demo they should be ready for something real. While this is really brutal stuff, it becomes a tad annoying after a while. I can’t really say what it is, but I suspect that the drums have something to do with it. They have a real drummer, so why the hell does it sound like a drum machine? Adding the growls they promised me would give your ears a little rest at times. It’s high quality screaming, but I need something a bit more brutal at times to keep my attention. However, despite my negativity I’m not as narrow minded as to say this won’t please people. I’m sure-as-hell fans of metalcore will love this!

01. Buried alive
02. Frustration
03. Self-fulfilling prophecies
04. Scars