Insult – Abysmal incantations

Grade: 8.5/10
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Insult – Abysmal incantations CD
Genre: Death metal
Origin: Sweden
Released: 2009
Website: Insult 
Label: Daemon Worship Productions 
Uploaded: 08.01.10

Some years ago, when I was still quite fresh in the review-writing business, I received a promo of Insult’s first demo Decree. I definitely liked it, but I might’ve overrated it just a little. I’ve come to realize that now, when I in front of me have a compilation of both Decree and their second demo Axiom. It’s in no way bad, so don’t get me wrong, but when hearing the development in between the two demos I have come to the conclusion that my first encounter with Insult might’ve been a bit askew.
To start things off we have the six tracks off of the 2007 demo Axiom. I hadn’t heard it before, so it took me by surprise with its mature and powerful material. Very american sounding old fashioned death metal, staying clear of any ultra-brutal tendencies of recent day death. Groove-laden and with lethal riffing one gets served a dosage of Bolt Thrower reminiscent blasphemy. The speed never reaches full-on blasting, but remains within a very headbanger-friendly pace with plenty of bass drumming. Tons of tempo variations keep everything fresh, and accompanied by the seriously slick guitar leads one has to surrender to the musical behemoth that Insult is. The demo sound has remained untouched, but it sounds quite full and with a genuine feeling; no overly produced and extremely clean production, but a warm sound. The vocals are raspy and fairly deep growls, fitting the recipe to perfection. Everything is simply high notch and also the tunes are full of such marvelous riffing and fantastic breaks; this might kick Incantation’s arse anyday.
Then we have the 2005 demo Decree, which I had previously reviewed. In comparison to the six tracks that just went by this is much rawer and unpolished; the sound is crude, the vocals are overbearing in the mix and whatnot. Once again the original production has remained untouched, and it is a tad on the harsh side. Unfortunately it doesn’t bring with it the same warm feeling, and the riffing isn’t as easily distinguished. Nonetheless it contains some terrific old school death metal, also in the American agenda. This was recorded before they’d recruited another vocalist, and their guitarist was the sole growler. I’m not sure if it’s just the production haunting it, but it doesn’t offer the same variation as the Axiom section. But behind it all hides great material, and it rings true in all departments.
It seems like the lads take their sweet time writing new material, so I wonder when the hell a fullength will see the light of day, but I can’t be the only one who thinks they’re ready for one (even more so than back in ’05).

01. Blitzkrieg 666
02. Oath of eternal desecration
03. Slaves of holy righteousness
04. Manhunt
05. Procreation of perdition
06. Apocalyptic plague inferno
07. A doubters manifesto
08. Unholy triumph
09. Bestial bloodshed
10. Beast of heresy
11. Diabolical decree