Inhumate – The fifth season

Grade: 9/10
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Inhumate – The fifth season CD
Genre: Deathgrind
Origin: France
Released: 2009
Website: Inhumate
Label: Grind Your Soul
Uploaded: 04.05.09

Ahh, the fine Inhumate are back with another onslaught of pure French brutality. It sure took them long enough, since it’s been five years since their latest fullength. But it’s finally here, and boy was it worth the wait.
I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something special about this release. Aesthetically it appeals way more than any of their previous releases, with a much more pleasing look. Compared to their previous outputs this has much fuller sound… chunkier, heftier… giving the music tons of punch, right in the gut. Musically nothing has changed; this is still their namebrand of gnarly vocals, intrepid tempo changes, chaotic drumming and unorthodox song-writing, the way only Inhumate does it. Sure, one could probably name some bands that might have something to do with their sound, but honestly this doesn’t really sound like anything else. The drumming for one thing is not just full on blasting with a breakdown every now and then, but a mishmash of tempos. And when it’s time to blast it’s not your everyday blast either, but some weird punkish beat lurking its way in. I can’t really explain it, that’s just the way it is. The riffing is just insane; it’s not really death metal, it’s not really grindcore… it’s Inhumate. Again some weird mishmash of everything, thrown into the smelt and molded into their typical sound. If you’ve ever heard the band before then you know what to expect from the vocals, as Christophe does his mishmash (again with that word, but it fits so well) of growls, gurgles, snores and screams.
Over the years these lads have found their sound, a sound no other band carries. It’s dirty, chaotic and brutal, carrying with it both groove, blast and a few surprising weeps. A thick booklet presents all lyrics, this time dealing (mostly) with serenity, knowledge and wisdom to fit into the concept. Without a doubt their best fullength.

01. Human?
02. Hellmaze
03. Whisper
04. Bleargh!
05. Ecotone I: the tree
06. 21 grams
07. The glance
08. It’s back
09. Dig!
10. Addicted
11. Ecotone II: the ocean
12. Flames
13. I want to kill some… Part V
14. Art, sex, intelligence
15. Obey
16. Ecotone III: the sphere
17. Mic crusher
18. 59 seconds
19. It’s back