Elimi – Summoned from ashes CD

Grade: 8.5/10
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Elimi – Summoned from ashes CD
Genre: Black metal
Origin: Sweden
Released: 2008
Website: Elimi 
Label: Death Dealers Association 
Uploaded: 09.07.08

The cover art reminds me of a lot of ‘cut & paste’ demos and fanzines, typically crustcore ones. But while there’s a tiny hint of hardcorepunk in the opening track, Summoned from ashes is all about black metal.
The guitar leads can sometimes mislead you and sound a little melodic, however as shortly as Garm’s harsh screaming sets within the atmosphere switches to vindictive. It is music-wise very mature. They don’t reinvent the wheel, but it does step a bit outside of the usual mould. As i discussed the guitar leads can sound a little melodic, however the overall atmosphere is very hateful. There is a certain warmth to the tunes, making them easy to take to heart. The riffing attracts you in and combined with the pounding drumming you’re looking forward to a decent headbang. And while some of the tracks uses the same recipe for success, Det meningslösa changes it all as it’s an eleven minute long, slow chant where Garm is let loose to really induce paranoia upon the listener. Most of the other tracks is about five minutes long and can chill you to the bone with the slow parts, or aggravate you with the blasting.
I’m definitely impressed with Maturz’s songwriting, as he manages to capture the raw feeling of Zavorash, combining it with the agony of Shining and the pure aggression of general old school. And as I said there is a warmth to the tunes, yet it’s still very bleak and cold. Difficult to explain, but he’s done it. The musicianship is great and all instruments work well together for the creation of the atmosphere; definitely helped along by the production. Lyrically it’s a bit questionable at times, as it can feel very juvenile, while Känslan seems like a very honest bit about the feelings brought on by self-mutilation/destruction. Overall it’s a really great debut album that is certain to spin many times in my home.

01. End of existence
02. Skral
03. Känslan
04. Devoted to the strong
05. Det meningslösa
06. Förgöraren, förslavaren
07. Raped
08. March into oblivion