Interviews – Profanation, Absolutely killer German Deathgrind.

Profanation, October 30 -05. Absolutely killer German deathgrind.I was damn surprised when I received Profanation’s two CDs for review, and I was pleasantly surprised by the supreme quality of the music. Absolutely killer deathgrind!
It was done by email between the 26th and 30th of October.

Hey there Anton! How’s life?
Let’s get things started by you presenting yourself to the readers, so they know who’ll be answering my questions. And maybe you should just present the rest of the members too, hehe.

Hi Kristoffer, must admit it’s real fine at the moment (thousand times sorry, hehe). Profanation are doing well and also privately I’d say it’s a good time (to die). Think I’ll have a great time answering your questions…
Getting started with presenting the band I’ll step back and start that with our vocalist Hippi. He’s our grandpa of metal, old as Methusalem. Mainly responsible for the sick artworks and t-shirt designs as he’s earning some money w/ tattooing and graphic design. Musically I think he’s adding a lot old school thrash influences vocalwise. If you meet some arrogant fuck at a concert, trying to piss you off, that’s possibly him… [Read More…]

Inhumate, April 29 -06. French death metal and grindcore.Almost 20 years in the business of peddling deathgrind to the underground and still going strong, still as dedicated to their cause as ever before. And with their latest album they knocked me off my feet, so it was time for an interview to see what these granddad’s of grind are all about these days.
We did the interview by e-mail. I sent the first bunch of questions on April 25th, and I received the final bunch of answers on April 29th.

Hey there chaps. Could you start us off slowly by introducing yourself/selves, so we know who’ll be answering my questions…
I’m Fred, the bass player of INHUMATE. I’m only one in the band since the beginning. [Read More…]

Nödslakt, May 10 -06. Drunken Swedish old school crustcore.Drunken Swedish old school crustcore… Quite common, but Nödslakt’s stands out from the crowd a bit.
We did the interview by e-mail between the 4th of April and the 10th of May.

Well hello there. Let’s just start the interview by you giving us a small presentation of the band members and who’ll be answering the questions. 
Every member has been helping out with the answers
Frida – Guitar
Anna – Vocals
Linus – Bass
Marcus – Drums

What was the main reason for starting the band back in 2004, except maybe the obvious reason “to play music”?
It was Linus and Marcus’ idea, they met at their school (metalcraft) we were sharing the same urge to play mangelpunk, we met the girls after 1-2 months, you make the music that you want to hear- that is our parole/dogma [Read More…]

abscession, July 09 -06. Drunken Swedish old school crustcore.After I had heard one song off of Abscession’s demo I knew I had to get my hands on it, and so I ordered me a copy of the limited tape. And I was absolutely blown away by it, thinking it to be one of the strongest death metal demos I’ve heard. Of course I had no other choice but to review the demo and interview the band, ’cause I’m sure they’ll become a force to be reckoned with.
We conducted the interview by e-mail. I sent the first bunch of questions on June 22nd and I received the final bunch of answers on July 9th.

Hello there fellows. Let’s begin with an easy one; why don’t you just introduce the band to the readers, and also let us know who’ll be taking care of the answering.
Thomas: Hey there, we’re Abscession, a swedish old school DM band in the vein of Edge of Sanity, Carcass, Entombed… and so on! We’re currently five members, Thomas on growls and bass, Mike on growls and grunts, Markus on guitars and screams, Niel on lead guitar and Macke on drums. Thomas and Markus will be answering these questions! [Read More…]